Huzme Defense was founded in 2018 with the aim of producing solutions for all industrial establishments in the fields of its activity, especially in defense and aeronautical sectors, in particular in the fields requiring specific expertise such as antennas and radom. Huzme Defense employees have experience in antennas (omni-directional, directional, phased array, dish, helical, active antennas, etc.) and radome design for land, naval and airborne platforms.

Our Mission: To meet customer expectations in a short period of time and become a solution partner

Our Vision: To build original, innovative and high-tech products in the fields of activity.

Our Quality Policy:

  • To meet customer’s needs and expectations fast, high quality and economically with products and services that are based on engineering solutions focused on high technology and can compete in international markets,
  • To meet the required production / service in the sector in accordance with the legal requirements, quality management system principles, sector standards and ethical rules with high quality understanding,
  • To ensure employee satisfaction and adherence to company values and ensure perfection and customer satisfaction in processes,
  • To establish a quality management system based on continuous improvement philosophy.